Are you in Bath and need window cleaning?

Clean and Bright Windows provide a friendly, professional, and reliable window cleaning service in Bath covering the city and its surrounding areas. We provide a trained & experienced team of window cleaners who use the reach and wash system.

Clean & Bright Windows offers well 30 years of experience or being around since 1991 as local window cleaners and we have many reviews from our loyal customers to support this – Click for client reviews about our window cleaning, gutter cleaning, PVC cleaning, lead work, solar panel cleaning, conservatory cleaning, and other cleaning services in and around Bath.

We offer our full range of cleaning services including;

  • Window cleaning,
  • Gutter Cleaning,
  • PVC Cleaning,
  • Lead Work,
  • Solar Panels,
  • Conservatories,
  • Public Houses,
  • Residential windows,
  • Commercial windows

Clean and Bright are fully insures, very approachable & friendly, and very reliable. We are competitively priced so why not give us a call today or contact us for a free quote & advice?

window cleaning bath

The kind of window cleaning work we undertake is:

  • Residential windows,
  • Commercial windows
  • Schools/Colleges
  • Office Blocks
  • Nursing/Care Homes
  • Hotels
  • B&B’s/Guest Houses
  • Public Houses/Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Health Centers
  • Retail Outlets

Our Bath window cleaning services are available on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or custom basis to suit your needs. All Clean and Bright Windows staff are professional and compliant with Health & Safety regulations, and we will ensure that our work is carried out at a time that suits you and causes little or no disturbance to your business, home or property.

Feel free to email or call me with any questions about anything, between 7.30am – 7pm – Monday – Friday.

Clean and Bright Windows.
88 Langdon Road, Bath, Bath and North East Somerset, BA2 1LT

Mobile – 077 747 00770
Bath – 01225 341872

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Please explore our web site to find out more. If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us on the tel numbers above or email us from the contact page. Also always check our news page for the latest window cleaning offers and promotions.

Remember – For  Window cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, PVC Cleaning, Lead Work, Conservatory cleaning in Bath then we are the team to call!


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 It’s not just window cleaning

Clean and bright windows pride their self on being Frequently reliable and trustworthy.

It is a small company that can provide all your needs in and around the bath area covering a wide range of properties both commercial and domestic period properties and new.

With the latest equipment on bored are very smart looking vans you will find the reach and wash system that helps us get to all levels of properties in a safe manner these are the long pose that you may have seen people using before but the ones we use are the best quality to always ensure we do the best job on shops and internal cleaning we use the traditional hand method also.

Having a window cleaning business for over 30 years we can provide the experience that you would expect from such prestige business.

We also take health and safety very seriously with frequent risk assessments method statements and training in areas where needed.

You are find that we are Chas registered giving our customers the peace and mind they deserve.

And of course public liability insurance and employers liability insurance

Clean and bright provides weekly and monthly window cleaning Service for external and internal window cleaning.

As I have lived in Bath all my life I know or parts of the city so you can get a quote quite easily on the phone as my knowledge of buildings and streets is vast. Failing that we come out and give a free no obligation quote.

One of the joys of working in Bath is that we get to meet some wonderful people and see some amazing properties which once we have clean the windows on it always makes us feel good as clean windows can make such a difference especially on sunny days let in the light flowing to your building and brightening up your day.

One of the great things about using our service is that once you are a regular customer you just sit back and let us turn up monthly to keep all your windows clean set a direct debit up if you wish and no need to do anything else hassle free window cleaning in Bath.

Even though in the middle of winter When we are freezing cold it can be a tricky time of the year if you’re in the diary we will always do our best to fulfil and honour any agreement that we have made to come and clean your windows.

In the summertime we can start very early in the morning so if you need some work done where you have to be in before you go to work if it’s convenient with yourselves we can always make an early appointment so we can obtain access to any windows that may need cleaning before you go out we always go the extra mile for our customers if we can.

You can find links on this site to our Facebook and Twitter page that will always keep you up-to-date and informed with what we are up to and might even give you a laugh along the way we update these pages at least once a week as we find this very important part of our service that helps our customers as well as ourselves keep in touch with what clean and bright windows is focusing on.

If you check on our website you will see some testimonials from customers that we have looked after in the past and some we still looking after now one of the great things about having long-standing customers as you get to know your customers and what they need and seeing them frequently you build up a great customer relationship which is both important for clean and bright windows as well as the customer which can always lead to good recommendations Which I’m pleased to say we get lots of.

Please take a view at our galleries at some of the work we carry out you maybe surprised at what we can do for you From conservatory roofs and skylights letting the sunshine in throughout the year to top floor windows on Pultney Street Camden Royal Crescent Two up two downs, flats office and  sports facilities if it’s got windows would definitely try to clean it.

As this is a very demanding job physically we always keep ourselves in great shape and very presentable you Will find cleaning bright windows has uniform T-shirts front and back uniform jumpers front and back with clean and bright windows over them this is very important as when we are walking around peoples gardens we don’t want to raise any alarms we want to see that customers and neighbours knowing who is working in and around on their properties in Bath.

Along with that you will always find our vans kept nice and clean as it’s important to show that we take pride in ourselves as well as our work.

Vans are always kept serviced and up together which alongside that helps us keep our window cleaning service in Bath reliable so that we never let our customers down.

Elderly customers are always a pleasure to meet and if they ever need small jobs doing such as lightbulbs changing or a heavy box lifting we’re always happy to oblige we also have some great stories from them if they’ve been living in Bath or their lives from the past up to the present.

I have some customers that I have been cleaning windows for in Bath since the day I have started I would not say they are just customers they become also friends and it’s a blessing for me to know them all these years and long may it go on

Holiday lets are also one of the things we cover as some people own properties that don’t live in Bath but need to keep a service such as window cleaning on their properties they own so we work alongside some of the letting agents on holiday letting agents in Bath or you can book direct.

This is another service that our customers don’t have to worry about once it is set up just leave us to get on with the job and we can bill you every six months to save throbbing You frequently with invoices.

This can also work for holiday homes that you may use yourself in Bath and not frequent very often one of the beautiful things about us turning up each month we keep an eye on your property and anything that looks untoward we can always get in contact with you to check things are okay.

If you have a hotel not a problem we can turn up after your guests have checked out or left the room usually around 11 o’clock to gain access without troubling your guests.

Shop cleaning we usually turn up before you open again so not getting in the way of any customers usually like to be in and out before 9 o’clock in the morning as we have to think about your customers as well as our customers because it is important to you as much as us.

Now to talk about all the different sorts of windows we come across in Bath from the Georgian and Victorian sash windows with single panes of glass to windows split up into multiple pains 6 and 9 Panes of glass per window and so on the leaded light windows which always look pretty I need extra care which we can provide and also not to mention The modern PVC and aluminum windows clean and bright specialise in every type given you the highest standard you can expect possible. We also take care of your conservatory windows roofs that can be cleaned inside and out this can make such a difference especially in the Spring and summer time when it is always nice to spend time in your conservatory is making the most of clean windows.

Clean and bright also as well as being barfs number one window cleaners we can also take care of your solar panel cleaning this is something that some insurance companies and energy companies insist that you do once a year to remove all the algae grime and dirt from them so the work more efficiently again this is something we can give you a free estimate on.

Alongside all this week also can clean your UPVC frames this can give your home a whole new look and make your windows look as good as new we also clean out guttering soffits and fascia sometimes people get this done previously to selling their property so it looks in top condition before going on the market it really can make a difference we are often recommended by a number of Bath estate agents.

End of tenancy clean is also very popular as in a rental agreement before you move out you often have to have your windows cleaned by professional window cleaner which we can always give you receipts for to help you prove that you’ve had it done this enables you to get your full deposit back very popular in the summer with students for their end of tenancy agreement we are here to make everyone’s life that little bit easier when it comes to the jobs you may hate doing yourself.

The summertime is always a busy time of year for us as on top of our usual regular cleans we are often asked to clean the occasional School windows between terms Churches, community centres even the occasional greenhouse windows over the years I think we’ve done just about every type of window cleaning you could imagine in and around the bath area.

So why not give clean and bright windows a call as we would love to hear from you and come round and give you a free no obligation quote With 30 years of experience you can be sure that you will be dealing with the right window cleaning company in Bath.